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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pub sketch break

Stephen Gardner at: inspired me to walk to my local pub and do a sketch, I didn't know before that you could do that, but here it is...entitled: "what can I do for you buddy."


Marty said...

Hi Eric,
Nice sketch ... kind of has a Western/saloon feel to it.

Susan Williamson said...

This is really cool. I agree with Marty. It's like a scene out of a Western. I've never thought of going to a pub and drawing (although I have written in coffee shops). Hmmm ...maybe this is something to try.

Beth Ahrens-Kley said...

Cool dudes and great sketch, as usual. Really portrayed the flavor of the atmosphere. I like the middle dude's baggy pants and hunched shoulders. well, I KNOW the lo-cal wasn't the nose crust, i mean, crows nest ...