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Saturday, September 5, 2009

E ticket ride

I don't know how old you are but if you are a old as I you remnember the E-tickets you got at Disneyland. the E-ticket was the best ticket, you could go on the bobsleds with an e-ticket....I just can't say enough about it! Sure, you had the A thru D tickets that would get you on the Mr. Toads wild ride 'n such but it was the E-ticket that was "da kinde" ...if you know what I mean..So here I am getting all down in the dumps over this divorce thing but you know, I shouldn't, because I've been blessed with the E-ticket of life. If I muck it up by marrying certain people all I can do is blame myself. I bet you have an E-ticket too! Here's a link I would like you to click on: and I'll throw in a sketch that I did while in the throes of "depression light."


Beth said...

It's so funny you mention the E-ticket, because I was just talking with my Dad yesterday about when we went to Disney World the year it opened, and the different lettered tickets! Yep, the E-ticket was the biggie!

Beth said...

I just checked out that link. I love it, and I think I might have to post that, too.

Marty said...

Hi Eric,
I sure do remember the E-Ticket ride. That one got you on the Matterhorn. I also remember the "other" ticket, the one which relegated you to Captain Nemo-land. I like their new system a lot better.