the continuing saga of Sandy, Bill, Nightpumper and the rest.

Monday, February 8, 2010

strip 75 panel 3

Is Nightpumper down for the last time?
To tell the truth, I have no idea!  This is not called Stream of Consiousness Comics for nothing!!  The future is extremely unclear.  Choices made now will affect the whole direction of this thing!.....this is serious!  I am going to consult with my mentor for guidance...wish me luck!


Marty said...

Hi Eric,
I'll say a little prayer for Nightpumper. It would be the most terrible kind of irony if he survived a monster hail storm and having everything including the kitchen sink thrown at him (by God, no less) ... only to drown in a puddle. Does the snail know CPR?

Einbildungskraft said...

no no, the nightpumper can not drown! he will look up and see the rubic cube, and will be a happy dude once again ! He will be able to sell the kitchen sink for A HUGE PROFIT