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Saturday, May 22, 2010

News Flash!!

I am now divorced, after a nasty 15 months, but it's all over now with good results.  Actually this experience has been a gift to me in a weird-ass way.  I've developed newfound strength and developed/evolved as a human being....whole lotta introspection and self examination.  I definately got the best end of this deal.

Now I can get on with what i call "my life" doing things that are important to me like the upcoming Chicken wing cooking contest where i will be grilling up Sandy's Icelandic Viking Wings using Aunt Hilda's origional recipe handed down generationally from a small village some miles away from Reykavik!

PS: The secret Icelandic Volcano hot sauce will knock your clogs off!!



Marty said...

Congrats on the divorce ... good thing it's all behind you and very glad to hear you're all the better for it.

Boomer said...

Congrats indeed. On to the next thing. Enjoy the wings!

emikk said...

thanks guys. chicken wing cookoff is June 19th by the way.