the continuing saga of Sandy, Bill, Nightpumper and the rest.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

strip 83 panel 4

Explanation needed!
This panel is "imagining the best of all possible outcomes" for Nightpumpy!  ...surrounded by all his friends who are cheering him on as he comes to after being clobbered by a kitchen sink thrown by none other than "God" - of Stream of Consciousness Comics! - not the one true God of you and me!....anyway, this is only fantasy, let's hope the outcome of this story thread has this good of an ending, we can always hope anyway!

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Marty said...

Hmmm ... here's a potential caption: "My dear Nightpumper," said Sandy, knowingly, "Don't you realize that God was simply testing you? Rest assured, my friend, you are a modern-day Job." And with that, they all celebrated over a dinner consisting of Snowcones made from Real Ice from Iceland.