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Saturday, May 30, 2009

strip 67 panel 3

In Progress, as usual, until it's finished!.... But here are the last two characters that have so far graced the panels of Stream of Consciousness Comics. On your left is Cody, who works for the strip in charge of panel control, reporting directly to "the creator" He has been ordered to not let the Mean Mr. Toad into the strip. Mr. Toad somehow pushed his way into the strip in order to catch Pooky the Fly! and eat him! Never the less, Cody and Mr. Toad connected and found they both liked cigars and have other common interests.....there, now you know everything you ever would want to know about these comics.


Marty said...

Hi Eric,
Oh, no ... you'd better watch your employee, Cody, very closely. Something tells me he's susceptible to toadyism.

einbildungskraft said...

no, we want pooky to not be eaten.