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Thursday, June 4, 2009

strip 67 panel 5

If we all can remember back to the last panel, we remember Mean Mr. Toad is kinda bummed because he is rejected from inclusion into Stream of Consciousness Comics and continues to whine about it.


einbildungskraft said...

well im not sure who is talking, some smallish creature, but mr squirrel is so cute emikk. you just capture the sweetness of all god's creations

Marty said...

Hi Eric,
I take it Mr. Toad is feeling otiose? I suppose he asked for it. Just wait until he sees how much visibility the squirrel is getting. He'll be green with envy.

Beth said...

I actually had to look up the word 'otiose.' Thanks for the new word!

einbildungskraft said...

ha I had to laugh, the word was so wierd I thought you had a moment of nonsensicality, then Beth looks it up so I have to too, and its A REAL WORD !! darn man! how did you find it!

Susan Williamson said...

I had to look this word up too. It's such a cool one that I can't wait to use it and have someone go "huh?"